The Digital Experience Value Engine

The Experience is now the driver of value for the enterprise. But most organizations are not built to deliver it consistently. So, just as supply chains became the driver of optimization-derived value in the industrial era, the Digital Era needs its own lever of value creation — we call it the Digital Experience Value Engine.

The DX Value Engine is a set of interconnected "drivetrains" that sit on top of traditional supply chains and service models to enable organizations to continually evolve and transform to deliver a differentiated customer experience: The Experience Transformation Lifecycle and the Experience Delivery Network. The Customer Experience sits at the center of the entire engine.
Experience Transformation Lifecycle

The Experience Transformation Lifecycle places the customer experience at the center of customer value creation. It states that in order to deliver a differentiated customer experience, you must transform your business model. That transformation leads you to transform your operating model, which leads to the transformation of your management model. And because customer experiential demands are continually changing, this transformation lifecycle iterates continuously.

Experience Delivery Network

But the Customer Experience does not stand alone. It is the employees and the organization's broad ecosystem that support the customer and their experience. This fact means that their experiences are interconnected with and support the customer experience and must continually balance against one another.

Building a Digital Experience Value Engine

These two "drivetrains" sit on top of an organization's traditional supply chains and service models. This entire value engine is then supported by the ExTech Landscape of technologies that surround it, which must work in concert to support all three experiential domains and the continuous transformation lifecycle.

Building a Digital Experience Value Engine requires that organizations not only acquire and leverage the necessary ExTech tools, but that they connect them into an ecosystem and orchestrate their use in concert with the cultural and process changes necessary to fully transform the organization — and then continually evolve and transform the entire engine around the ever-shifting experiential demands of their customers. 

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