The Missing (Data) Link

by Charles Araujo | February 27, 2023

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Is data critical to good decision making? Will leveraging data help you reduce uncertainty in today’s market?

If you answered ‘yes’ to each of those questions, you’re in agreement with 80% and 73% of business leaders respectively (10,000 of them, actually). These results are from a new Untapped Data Research survey conducted by Salesforce, as quoted in a recent article in

But those numbers aren’t the headline. The important numbers are that despite this clear criticality only:

  • 33% are using data to adapt pricing
  • 29% are using data to help determine product or service launch strategy

The report goes on to explain that the reason is that managing the volume and complexity of data makes it difficult to apply it in meaningful ways. Or, as Zoho’s Analytics Evangelist LSP says it, companies are unable to create “actionable insights” from the data.

I’ll be diving into this in a more detailed analysis tomorrow breaking down what an “actionable insight” is, why they’re critical, and how to get there. Stay tuned.

For now, check out the CIO article for the disappointing details.

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Charles Araujo

Charles Araujo is a technology analyst and internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise, the Digital Experience and the Future of Work. Researching Digital Transformation for over 10 years, he is now focused on helping leaders transform their organizations around the digital experience and to reimagine the future of work. Publisher and principal analyst of The Digital Experience Report, founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, co-founder of The MAPS Institute, and author of three books, he is a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor to technology companies and enterprise leaders.

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