February 28, 2022

Zenoss Extends Its Kubernetes Monitoring Capabilities

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Zenoss recently announced that it has further expanded its Kubernetes monitoring capabilities.

The company first introduced Kubernetes monitoring and analytics in 2018, but this latest extension now enables it to provide:

  • Overall cluster health monitoring
  • Health monitoring for nodes, services and pods
  • Dashboards for Kubernetes clusters, nodes, pods and containers
  • Service impact and root-cause analysis
  • Monitoring of StatefulSet component, enhancing management of stateful applications
  • Enhanced filtering for pods and containers
  • Enhanced templates for clusters, containers and nodes
  • Enhanced dynamic modeling of pods and containers
  • Enhanced visibility for controlling cloud expenses

“Cloud-native environments create new challenges for monitoring highly distributed applications due to the unprecedented complexity and scale,” said Ani Gujrathi, chief technical officer for Zenoss in its press release. “The solution requires modernizing the approach to monitoring, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Read the full release here.

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