January 25, 2022

Xerox Launches 3 Cloud-Native Businesses Running on Oracle Cloud

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Oracle announced that Xerox has chosen to launch three new cloud-native businesses running on the Oracle Cloud. These new businesses are focused on AI-assisted customer service experiences, industrial-grade Internet of Things and clean-tech to reduce atmospheric carbon.

Most interesting, according to their announcement, is the fact that they chose to launch these as greenfield endeavors utilizing no existing technology.

From Oracle’s Customer Spotlight:

“With no legacy on-premise solutions in place, Xerox saw advantage in launching these new businesses as Cloud natives. Time-to-value and elegant customer experiences for monetizing innovation was key. To bring new products and services to Xerox customers, the company chose Oracle Cloud as the foundation for its built-in connectors to essential front and back office applications and seamless visibility of critical data to scale at speed.”

Watch the video here.

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