February 10, 2022

WalkMe Publishes “Digital Adoption for Dummies”

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WalkMe has been the chief champion of a new domain called Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP). It’s a burgeoning sector that is gaining some traction, but still in its very early stages of awareness and, ironically enough, adoption.

The fundamental premise behind the push for DAP is that it is the lack of effective adoption that has hampered digital transformation efforts. Moreover, it posits that organizations must address the intersection of “data, action and [the] user experience” to move adoption forward.

To help educate the market, the company has published and released a new book, Digital Adoption for Dummies.

From the company’s press release:

“Digital adoption is essential for accelerating and ensuring the success of digital transformation initiatives,” said Ofir Bloch, RVP, Strategic Positioning at WalkMe. “As the creator of the DAP category, WalkMe is uniquely positioned to provide in-depth information about how to strategically and effectively boost digital adoption. Our edition of Digital Adoption for Dummies covers everything from the challenges of deploying numerous digital solutions, to assessing and understanding what’s slowing down adoption. Importantly, readers will learn why a DAP is the easiest, most cost-effective way to  maximize value from digital tools – value that is exponential in nature, so the faster they start, the bigger the benefits.”

Click here to read the full press release.

You can download the free eBook by clicking here.

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