February 16, 2022

The World Economic Forum Releases New Report on Data Intermediaries

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Dealing with privacy concerns is a key issue when it comes to delivering the sort of ambient digital experiences that customers and employees demand.

Attempts, such as GDPR, to address these issues and balance the seemingly competing needs of data-driven experiences and the desire for digital consumers to have control over that data have largely flailed.

This new Insight Report by the WEF’s Taskforce on Data Intermediaries “explores the potential to outsource human decision points to an agent acting on an individual’s behalf, in the form of a data intermediary.”

From the report:

This report explores the opportunities and risks of data intermediaries and, specifically, third-party digital agents. From data trusts to trusted digital agency, the report paints a picture of a world that is more empathetic to people and to companies, providing greater certainty for data sharing as a foundation for innovation through the introduction of a trusted third party. Crucially, it suggests levers of action for both the public and private sector to ensure a futureproof digital policy environment that allows for the seamless and trusted movement of data between people and the technology that serves them.

Download the report here.

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