February 23, 2022

Siam Commercial Bank Improves Customer Satisfaction 27% Using NICE Nexidia Analytics

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Siam Commercial Bank, operating out of Thailand, has seen its customer satisfaction levels have improved by 27% according to a new press release from NICE.

According to the release, SCB deployed the NICE Nexidia Analytics for its 1,500 agents to improve agent productivity, service quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

“Our services are backed by our continual pursuit of technological innovation,” said Surawat Shinawatra, Head of Customer Service, Siam Commercial Bank in the press release. “With NICE Nexidia Analytics we gained insight into 100% of our calls, which allowed us to understand where we had to improve and what advantages we could leverage to improve our customers’ experiences. It was a simple-to-implement, quick-win solution, delivering business value in a short period of time, with significant improvement in agent performance across multiple dimensions of contact center interactions.”

From the release:

Since implementing the solution, SCB has benefited from increases in agent productivity, service quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Average handle times were reduced, thanks to Nexidia’s capability to drill down into long calls and identify root causes related to agent behavior or technical bottlenecks. Similarly, agent compliance with script and service requirements improved with the introduction of Nexidia’s actionable intelligence, leading to a 27% jump in customer satisfaction.

Read the full press release here.

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