February 11, 2022

Salesforce to Create Wellness-Focused “Trailblazer Ranch” to Help Shape Culture in a Hybrid-Work Environment

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Salesforce has entered into a multi-year agreement to take over a 75-acre property south of San Francisco to serve as a wellness retreat for its employees.

According to the article, the company will use the facility to onboard new hires, conduct off-sites, improve employee wellness, and sustain and evolve the company’s culture. “We’ve hired thousands of employees who have never met in person,” Mr. Benioff said in the article. “Trailblazer Ranch will give us and our stakeholders a way to forge deeper relationships [and] experience our culture in a whole new way.”

This move points to the fact that organizations are recognizing that we will not be returning to past approaches to offices and work, and that, as a result, organizations will need to take additional steps to build cohesion and support the culture of the organization.

While Salesforce remains committed to bringing people back to the office as the pandemic wanes, it is also acknowledging that the office of the future will be a hybrid, collaboration-focused one and that additional efforts will be required to develop and sustain the culture.

And, it’s an amazing-looking facility!

Read the full article on the Wall Street Journal (currently openly accessible).

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