February 17, 2022

Qualtrics Announces XM Discover to Help Enterprises Gather and Analyze Ambient Experience Data

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Yesterday, Qualtrics announced the release of XM Discover, a set of products that the company says will help organizations “gather experience data from any structured and unstructured source, analyze it with sophisticated AI and machine learning, and take action to deliver better customer, employee, brand and product experiences.”

Using technology it received through the acquisition of Clarabridge last year, the new offerings enable its clients to gather feedback from “structured sources as well as unstructured sources including support conversations, chat, social media posts and review sites.”

“Listening, understanding and taking action is the foundation of meaningful relationships. As the world has changed, organizations need to understand their customers and employees on a more personal level by having a 360-degree view of their feedback,” said Fabrice Martin, chief product officer for Qualtrics Discover in the company’s press release. “With Discover, Qualtrics is defining the next generation of experience management, where organizations can empathize more deeply with their customers and employees to design incredible products, services and even new ways of working.”

The company believes that this extension will enable organizations to get a more comprehensive view of the customer and employee experience, including the underlying cause of those feelings, by listening to the ambient feedback they provide in indirect forms.

Read the full press release here.

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