February 10, 2022

New Study Shows Quality of Service and the User Experience Greatest Results of Digital Transformation Efforts

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A new study conducted by IDG Research Services for Insight Enterprises shows that 87% of organizations are now pursuing digital transformation efforts (not sure what the rest are doing!).

Encouragingly, the two largest improvements from the efforts were the quality of service and the user experience/satisfaction.

The study of 400 senior enterprise IT leaders also showed that most expect efforts around IT infrastructure optimization to deliver results in innovation and value creation (also encouraging). Interestingly, however, the top enterprise IT goals for 2022 are still more technically focused: optimizing data and analytics capabilities, increasing cloud adoption, and modernizing legacy applications.

There was an acknowledgment that legacy infrastructure (along with culture and operating models) are inhibiting innovation (driving the infrastructure investments that we highlighted in last week’s Digital Experience Report), along with significant skills gaps.

This study is encouraging from a digital experience perspective, but also reinforces the massive amount of work still to be done within the enterprise.

Read the full press release here.

Download the full report/ebook here.

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