February 14, 2022

New Study Shows Legacy Apps Hindering Digital Transformation with Most Workloads Remaining on Prem

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A new study conducted by Pulse and 2nd Watch puts some data behind what many of us have known for some time: despite almost a decade of focus on digital transformation, enterprises are still struggling. Likewise, the culprit hiding in plain sight are the legacy apps hanging around the necks of enterprise leaders.

The study reports that 79% of surveyed executives claim that legacy applications, and their struggle with modernizing them, are hindering digital transformation efforts.

Moreover, more than half of enterprises are still running more than half of their workloads on-premises. While I am not a believer that all workloads will eventually run in the cloud, it is telling that so many workloads have stayed firmly put despite pressure to the contrary.

While executives clearly see the modernization of their tech stack as critical to their ability to pivot in the market, the study shows that a lack of skills and expertise is the greatest inhibitor of doing so, followed by the budget and tools and make it possible.

Read the full report here.

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