February 25, 2022

Mobile Least-Liked Touchpoint in HappySignals’ Latest Global IT Experience Benchmark Report

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IT Experience Management platform, HappySignals, has released its latest Global IT Experience Benchmark Report. The report generally shows that happiness with IT services provided are improving.

The report noted, however, that self-service portals are no longer the “least liked” method of communication with IT, with interaction via mobile device now taking that mantle.

The report also highlights the continuing challenges faced by IT organizations as they attempt to support remote workers and hybrid work, particularly if they are unable to gather experience data to guide their actions. “Organizations now realize the importance of employee experience. However, it’s usually difficult for them to understand the links between the IT services delivered and employee productivity. Experience data, as shared in this report, is the missing link that enables their improvement activities to focus on the things that matter most to employees and the corporate bottom line.” said Sami Kallio, CEO, HappySignals in their press release.

Read the full press release here.

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