March 2, 2022

Luxury Brand Paul&Shark Sees Immediate Revenue Growth After Implementing Algolia Search

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Intelligent search and discovery company, Algolia, announced Italian clothing brand Paul&Shark as a new implementation delivering immediate results.

According to the company’s press release, Paul&Shark saw “revenue directly resulting from search” increase by 15% and an overall conversion rate increase of 9.6%

“Last year we experienced massive growth, which created a strain on our ecommerce team,” said Giuseppe Miriello, Global Digital Director for Paul&Shark in the press release. “During that time, a clear need surfaced to speed up visual merchandising through a search solution that could be implemented quickly and provide functionality to serve up item recommendations based on factors such as seasonality, price, availability and popularity. Algolia’s API made implementation seamless and the impact on revenue was seen right away.”

From the press release:

In only two months, Paul&Shark deployed Algolia’s search, visual merchandising and advanced multi-indices management across the 108 countries it sells into. Their website has also seen a boost in SEO resulting from the improved user experience and performance. Paul&Shark plans to implement auto-completion and AI re-ranking to automate time-consuming manual processes. These actions will further reduce the workload on its ecommerce team, allowing them more time to focus attention on new opportunities to build value and grow customer loyalty.

Read the full release here.

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