February 28, 2022

IT Orgs Struggling to Support Hybrid Workers According to New Study by Espressive

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Despite being thrown into a hybrid work environment for almost two years, a new study by Espressive shows that IT organizations are still struggling to adequately support remote and hybrid workers.

Specifically, the study points to the fact that most remote workers are still relying on the phone to get needed support, citing a whopping 80% of remote workers choosing it as their primary option.

The study also highlights challenges with now needing to provide support over a longer time period and in keeping up with increased support demand.

“The pandemic ushered in the new hybrid workplace and while this has provided employees with more flexibility, it has been a different story for IT service desk teams who have been increasingly inundated with the new responsibility of supporting both in-office and remote employees. This shift happened almost overnight,” said Pat Calhoun, founder and CEO of Espressive in the company’s release. “Most hoped the hybrid workplace would be temporary, but as this new reality settles in for the long term, IT leaders must assess and prioritize how automation can help lessen the burden on IT support teams while improving satisfaction and productivity for all employees.”

Read the full press release here and read the report summary here.

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