February 24, 2022

Integromat Changes Name to Make and Evolves into Full No-Code Automation Platform

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Integromat, the no-code integration platform that Celonis acquired in 2020, announced that it has changed its name to Make and is repositioning itself as a full-fledged no-code automation platform.

“Make captures the evolution of our platform, the spirit of our customers, and reflects one of the most transformational trends of our era: from rigid, top-down, repetitive jobs to flexible, empowering, and meaningful work. Our users aren’t just connecting apps or automating workflows; they are creatively responding to workplace challenges by building solutions,” said Ondřej Gazda, CEO of Make in the company’s announcement. “Put simply, we’ve realized our users aren’t just users, they’re Makers.”

It represents an interesting evolution given Celonis’ deep and recently announced partnership with ServiceNow, which is also heavily focused on workflow automation. Still, the move is a natural extension of Celonis’ broader move into execution management.

Make also appears to be attempting to differentiate itself based on its approach to visual development. From the release:

“No-code tools are just that; they enable users to build and automate without writing any code. Make offers much more: a visual language that democratizes development, makes processes tangible and fosters team collaboration, regardless of technical skills,” said Patrik Simek, CTO of Make. “It’s also fun and exciting to create on Make. Once you realize what’s possible—it feels like there are no limits. Empowering humans to innovate doesn’t just change the future of how we work—it also changes the world.”

Read the full announcement here.

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