March 8, 2022

Gainsight Simplifies and Extends Its Customer Success Platform with New Launch

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Today, Gainsight announced the release of what it calls Essentials, a new package for its flagship customer success product, Gainsight CS.

According to its press release, this new package will make it easier to purchase, implement, use, and administer the solution. The move follows other recent actions to make the company’s platform more accessible and easier to use.

While not mentioned explicitly, this move seems clearly targeted at both technology start-ups and mid-market enterprises that need the sophistication of the company’s customer success platform, but may not have the resources to fully implement and adopt it.

“We’ve talked with hundreds of businesses at every level of size and maturity who have told us how much they love Gainsight and our community, but who have also sometimes felt like our product can be intimidating due to its power and sophistication,” said Scott Salkin, SVP and GM of Essentials. “We listened, and developed solutions that are accessible and powerful for companies at any stage to implement and see value in a matter of weeks. It’s the Gainsight you know and love – just easier. Together with administrative support, thought leadership, a community cohort, and strategic guidance, Essentials is packaged and priced to help any modern business accelerate their own growth engine.”

This announcement also reinforces the growing focus on and importance of all aspects of the customer journey and experience for organizations of all sizes.

Read the full press release here.

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