February 24, 2022

FullStory Grows Annual Recurring Revenue by 70% in 2021

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FullStory, which provides what it calls Digital Experience Intelligence, announced that it has increased its year-over-year annual recurring revenue (ARR) by over 70% in 2021.

The company attributes this growth to its customers seeking to better understand digital experiences and reduce friction.

“As people manage more of their work and personal lives online, companies across industries have embraced FullStory for the insights they need to deliver premium digital products and experiences,” said Scott Voigt, CEO and co-founder of FullStory in the press release. “FullStory’s comprehensive DXI platform provides a unique view of real user behavior and surfaces the ‘unknown unknowns’ to drive product analytics, UX research, conversion optimization, and more. We’re honored to be the first choice for so many incredible brands that are making digital better for billions of people around the globe.”

The company further stated that it now had more than 3,200 customers using its platform and that more than half of its customers increased their spend in 2021.

Read the full press release here.

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