February 9, 2022

Dynatrace Announces “Software Intelligence as Code”

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At its Perform 2022 annual conference, Dynatrace today announced what it is calling software intelligence as code.

The company will be delivering enhanced API endpoints, an enhanced command line interface, and improved cloud automation configurability to enable development teams to “apply observability, AIOps, and application security as code.”

In its release, the company says, “This enables developers who are adopting everything-as-code practices to easily incorporate software intelligence capabilities into their applications. As a result, they can automate the orchestration of all resources across the software development lifecycle that are required to deliver cloud-native applications and infrastructure at scale.”

While sharing this announcement from stage, Steve Tack, the company’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, explained that this move will help organizations embed experiential monitoring into the development process to improve resiliency and put observability into the hands of the teams that know bet how the application should behave.

Read the full release here.

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