February 1, 2022

Amelia Hired by Seguros SURA Chile as Customer Care Virtual Assistant

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Conversational AI provider, Amelia, has announced that the Chilean insurance company Seguros SURA will deploy its conversational AI agent to provide virtual customer support via voice and chat. The company says that its low-code approach and “extensive integrations” were key to its winning the contract.

From its press release:

The company anticipates that Amelia will handle approx. 35,000 monthly customer conversations end-to-end. Given Seguros SURA’s knowledge and experience from historical AI initiatives, along with Amelia’s low code platform and low time-to-value, Amelia will be ready to quickly help the insurance provider address their clients’ demands and deliver extraordinary customer service.

Juan Cifuentes, Vice President of Clients, Access and Ecosystems of Seguros SURA Chile, said: “At Seguros SURA, we understand the importance of valuing the experience of both our customers and employees. We also know that in a competitive industry such as insurance, streamlining business functions while keeping costs low is critical. That is why we chose Amelia as our Conversational AI solution, as Amelia delivers human-like support at machine speeds within a highly collaborative, intuitive and integrated platform.”

Read the full press release here.

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