Zoho Bets on Unified Marketing, We Get Disrupted by COVID, and Your 3-Week Catch-Up

by Charles Araujo | May 19, 2022

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Welcome to The Digital Experience Report, your source for news, analysis, and insights on the ExTech (Experience Technologies) market and all things related to the Digital Experience.

This is a special “catch up” report as we’re recovering from COVID-19. We’re covering Zoho’s big bet on unified marketing, Charlie is on a unique podcast for Siemens, and we’re sharing a whole slew of important articles to read from the last three weeks on the metaverse and some interesting perspectives on the role of the customer experience. Also, new studies from ManageEngine, VMware, and Owl Labs. Plus news from Replicant, Qualtrics, Sprinklr, Riverbed, Gnani.ai, BigCommerce, SugarCRM, RelationalAI, Salesforce, Coherent, Capsifi, NICE, Reveal, Freshworks, ServiceNow, Total Expert, Algolia, AskNicely, ActiveCampaign, Mendix, Workato, Zoom, and Zendesk.

Zoho Bets on Unified Marketing, We Get Disrupted by COVID, and Your 3-Week Catch-Up

I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have mostly been absent from your feed and inbox for over three weeks now (I hope you noticed!).

The biggest reason is that my wife and I came down with COVID-19 and it pretty much took us out of commission for the better part of two weeks. And, I was already behind because I had let a bunch of competing priorities knock me off my game.

And in that, there’s a lesson for enterprise leaders: you’re going to get knocked off course — the challenge is in righting it.

I know that doesn’t sound all warm, fuzzy, and inspiring, but the truth is that no matter how well you plan for something, and no matter how committed you are to its success, life has a way of knocking you off your course. It will leave you frazzled, frustrated, and lying in bed with a temperature and a cough that just won’t quit!

It’s a lesson we all learned throughout the pandemic, but I guess I needed another humbling dose of it.

The point is that we all should expect it will happen, and be prepared to get up and try to get things back on track. It’s our only option.

Righting the Ship, and a Sneak Preview

So, that’s what I’m doing here. Next Tuesday, expect a normal full analysis of the ExTech market. But today, I want to do a little righting of the ship and catch you up on what I think were the more important developments of the last few weeks — including Zoho’s big bet on unified marketing.

But before I do that, let me give you some previews of what’s coming over the next couple of weeks:

  • Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing a new analysis on Conversational AI.
  • Next week’s DXR will tackle the state of the burgeoning digital adoption sector, my unique take on the space, and the importance of “use journeys.”
  • On the 31st, I’ll be digging into the future of the metaverse and its importance to the enterprise.

So, lot’s of good stuff on the way. For now, here’s your catch-up!

Zoho Bets on Unified Marketing with Its Marketing Plus Launch. Will it Pay Off?

One of the bigger pieces of news of the last several weeks was Zoho’s big bet on a unified marketing platform. It’s squarely aiming for the mid-market and mid-sized enterprises with the move. This is the one piece of analysis I did manage to get out over the last three weeks. But if you missed it, it’s worth checking out as it speaks to the challenges facing marketing leaders as they grapple with overcoming functional silos and delivering unified marketing experiences at the same time. [Read the Analysis]

I also interviewed Sundeep MV to better understand the relationship between a unified marketing platform and delivering a unified experience. You can watch the video here:

Low-Code and the Case of the Customer Cruncher: A Siemens Podcast

In this fourth of six episodes investigating low-code myths, the host Michael Boland is joined by two guests: Charles Araujo and a low-code curios Ginni Saraswati.

Today, you’ll learn how low-code can be used by organizations to profitably gain insight from data that is already available to them. You’ll also hear why established organizations are reluctant to adopt new technology. Additionally, you’ll learn about the benefits leaped by companies that adopt low-code platforms. [Listen to the podcast]

Are You a DXO?

If you’re an enterprise executive that understands the critical role that the digital experience plays in creating value in the modern enterprise, then you’re a Digital Experience Officer — or DXO — and you should be a part of our DXO Council. 

Worth Reading

Exceptional experience is your greatest asset to tackle inflation

In times like these, brands often start looking for ways to make efficiencies, and cuts to service or overall experience can typically come into the firing line. But in fact the role of delivering an exceptional customer experience has never been more important. [Read at MyCustomer.com]

Image source: MIT Sloan Management Review

How Data Is Humanizing Customer Experiences

Data-driven personalization is coming to businesses across all industries, not just tech giants. [Read at MIT Sloan Management Review]

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The Middle Office Is the Next Center of Experience

C-suite leaders can focus on four strategies to strengthen the connective business functions critical to providing seamless experiences. [Read at WSJ’s CIO Journal]

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The Neuroscience of Customer Experience

When neurological insights inform design thinking, companies can innovate with greater precision. [Read at MIT Sloan Management Review]

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Charles Araujo is a technology analyst and internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise, the Digital Experience and the Future of Work. Researching Digital Transformation for over 10 years, he is now focused on helping leaders transform their organizations around the digital experience and to reimagine the future of work. Publisher and principal analyst of The Digital Experience Report, founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, co-founder of The MAPS Institute, and author of three books, he is a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor to technology companies and enterprise leaders.

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