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Join the DXO council to get executive-only benefits and give yourself and your organization a leg up as you compete in the experience economy. 

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As a member of the DXO Council you'll receive exclusive FREE benefits reserved for council members.

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Need some insights into the state of the ExTech market? Schedule a free analyst inquiry up to once per month. 

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Join exclusive virtual and live events for members of the DXO council and get the insights you need.


Want to talk to someone who's been there done that? We'll connect you with other execs that can share their experiences.

Exclusive Reports

Periodically, we'll share special reports prepared exclusively for DXO council members.

Are You a DXO?

If you got this far, the answer is probably!

DXO stands for Digital Experience Officer and we see it as any enterprise executive who recognizes the digital experience as the driver of business value in the enterprise and is responsible for building, delivering, managing, or sustaining it.

While it is more a mindset than a title, typical functional roles of DXOs include chief information officer, chief marketing officer, chief digital officer, chief operating officer, chief customer/experience officer, chief strategy officer, chief innovation officer, customer success executive, and so on.

So if you're an enterprise executive who's invested in delivering a differentiated and winning digital experience, apply to join the DXO council.

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